Metal Channel Framing Supports (Strut)

ATR Sales takes special pride in its reputation as sellers and installers of strut supports. ATR Sales obtains its strut from a number of high-quality strut manufacturers to ensure that they are using the best connectors and fasteners to ensure maximum fit and safety.

ATR Sales President John Rahaim explains that: “Using strut to secure a piece of equipment is akin to the Erector ® sets of our youth. Attaching a piece of equipment requires fittings to hold the pieces securely together. We can support just about anything by attaching to the structure above and bringing that support down to the finish ceiling. For example, strut support systems are used in operating rooms, doctors’ offices, conference rooms and commercial bathrooms.

Well-installed strut ensures stability. The professionals at ATR Sales can install your equipment so it is 100% safe and secure.

Examples of strut uses:

  • Catwalks
  • Exam light/supports
  • Gas column supports
  • Overhead equipment supports
  • Operating room light supports
  • Patient lifts support
  • Projector and projection screen supports
  • Raceway Support Systems
  • Toilet partition supports


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