Entrance Mats and Floor Grates by Pawling

First impressions are important. When someone enters the front door of your business, does the entrance mat look dirty, is it lifting or is it worn?  And, most important, is it safe!

Most ATR Sales customers know that a quality entrances mats can make a good first impression. What people may not realize is that properly installed mats and grates can help a business avoid accidents and liability claims. They are also an excellent way to keep an entry way clean and tidy looking with reduced maintenance costs.  There are many types of mats from rubber to metal to carpets and vinyl.
ATR Sales can help you select the safest and “welcoming” mats or grates for your business’s entrance. 

ATR Sales offers the Pawling’s line of Pro-Tek® Entrance Mats and Gratings offers a wide variety of options for all types of applications. The goal is a functional system that contains moisture and debris on a continual basis. A well-designed system plays a vital role in providing a safe, clean and attractive entryway and interior environment. With a multitude of colors, frame materials, and layout options to choose from, Pro-Tek® Entrance Mats and Gratings can meet the needs of all commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.


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